It was a hot Saturday morning. I went outside to play basketball with my friend Bruce. When we went down the street, we heard a sound coming from a car, and we stopped. I told my friend to look under the car, and he looked under. He saw a dog under the car, and he said that the dog had white fur, and black spots with blue eyes.

I said, “We have to get that dog out! He looks hungry.”

But the dog was too far away from Bruce’s hands for Bruce to grab.
We sat down to think.

I said to Bruce, “You said that the dog was hungry.

“Yes”, said Bruce. “Maybe we can give it some food.”

“That is a great idea!”, said Bruce.

We went back home to get some food for the dog. We tried to give the dog some meat, some ham left in my refrigerator, and some water. The dog got closer to us, but there was a problem. The dog had a collar on him and the collar tied to a leash that was strapped to the back bumper of the car. It looked like someone put the dog there. Bruce tried to take off the leash from the back bumper of the car. The knot was tied too tight and he could not get it out. We needed something sharp to cut the leash.

“Do you have a pocket knife?” I asked Bruce.

“No. Let’s look around and see if there is something else we can use,” Bruce said.

We searched the ground and found a sharp piece of glass by a recycle bin. Bruce grabbed the glass and tried to cut the leash. It was hard because the leash’s material was think. His arms started to hurt from cutting so I decided to take over. The leash material started to snap and the dog was free, He devoured the meat. It looked like that dog did not eat for days.

Then we looked at the dog’s collar. It had a tag with a phone number. I took my phone out of my pocket, and tried to call the owner. The owner did not answer the phone. We called him again, and again one more time, and he did not answer the phone. We tried to think of another idea. We took the dog to my house and gave the dog some more food and water. I called my mom and she came home from work.

She said, “What a cute dog.”

I said, “Can we keep it?”

“Hmmmm… Yes, but does the dog have an owner?”

“No, We tried to call, but the owner never answered.”

“Si. Podemos con serbarlo,” my Mom said to me in Spanish.

My friend Bruce had to go home. My mom and I took the dog to the vet to see if the dog had a cut or something. Then we went to Petsmart, and we got the dog a cage, and toys to play with. We also got some food for the dog.

Now the dog has a happy home. We sometimes take him to dog parks. One time we took the dog to New York City. The dog’s name is Jordan. I like the dog’s name because I like to play basketball, and one of my favorite basketball players is named Michael Jordan. Jordan and I have lots of fun together.